Video Management Software

Free Client Software for NueCam Devices

Supports Windows & Mac

NueCam Client Software is versatile video management client for the NVRs, IP cameras, encoders, access control devices, security control panels, video intercom devices, VCA devices, etc. It provides multiple functionalities, including real-time live view, video recording, video footage search and playback, event and alarm receiving, etc., for the connected devices to meet the needs of small and medium-sized projects.


With the flexible distributed structure and easy-to-use operations, client software can be applied to a wide range of surveillance projects in finance, public security, telecommunications, traffic, electricity, education, water conservancy industries, etc.


Key Features


Live View

  • Supports up to 64-window division for standard screen, and 48-window division for wide screen

  • Supports customizing window division

  • Supports viewing the stream information during live view, including bitrate, frame rate and resolution (except for devices added by Cloud P2P)

  • Supports live view in fisheye mode for one or more fisheye cameras, and supports Panorama, PTZ, Half Sphere, AR Half Sphere, and Cylinder modes

  • Supports smart linkage

  • Supports resuming the latest live view status after the client restarts



  • Supports recording both main stream and sub-stream for playback (if device supports)

  • Supports manual recording

  • Supports recording schedule for continuous recording, event recording and command recording

  • Providing SAN and Hybrid Storage Area Network configuration for Hybrid SAN devices

  • Supports overwriting video file and deleting expired video file

  • Supports storing pictures on Storage Server


Event Management

  • Camera linkage and multiple linkage actions

  • Device arming and partition and zone settings

  • Event configuration for video event, access control event, and security control event

  • Supports searching and downloading event triggered captured picture and event triggered video

  • Audible warning and pop-up image when event triggered

  • Receiving events in real-time, and retrieve the historical events

  • Custom event sound as desired

  • Displaying the alarm source location on the map


  • Supports remote playback

  • Support playback of video footage stored on storage server

  • Supports up to 16-ch synchronous playback

  • Supports viewing the stream information during live view, including bitrate, frame rate, resolution (except for devices added by Cloud P2P)

  • Supports instant playback, normal playback, alarm input playback, event playback, ATM playback, VCA playback, fisheye playback and POS playback

  • Supports locating the playback time accurately

  • Supports skipping unconcerned video footage during VCA playback

  • Supports filtering the video footage with human or vehicle detected

  • Supports searching and exporting captured pictures of event by date and event type\

  • Supports downloading video file of devices added by Cloud P2P

  • Supports merging video files when downloading by date

  • Provides player in the installation directory to view the downloaded video file


Person Management

  • Supports managing persons in different organizations

  • Supports getting person information from added devices

  • Supports importing and exporting person and face information

  • Provides multiple types of credentials, including card number, face, and fingerprint, for composite authentications

  • Supports collecting face pictures by third-party camera (USB camera or the build-in camera of computer)

  • Supports viewing resource statistics (including persons, face pictures, cards, and fingerprints) on client and on device

  • Supports extending person’s validity period for access permission


Access Control and Video Intercom

  • Supports setting holiday schedule and access schedule template

  • Supports setting a schedule for door's remaining open/closed status

  • Supports setting access groups to relate persons, templates, and access points, which defines the access permissions of different persons

  • Supports multiple modes for both card reader authentication and person authentication

  • Supports advanced functions such as multi-factor authentication, custom Wiegand, first person in, anti-passback, and multi-door interlocking

  • Supports controlling the door status (lock, unlocked, remain locked, remain unlocked, remain all locked and remain all unlocked) by the client remotely


Elevator Control

  • Supports setting parameters for elevator control devices

  • Supports setting the relay types of the elevator control devices and setting the relation between relays and floors

  • Supports controlling elevator status via the client, including Opening Door, Controlled, Free and Disabled


Time and Attendance

  • Supports setting general rules for time and attendance

  • Supports setting different rules for various attendance scenarios, such as one-shift and man-hour shift

  • Supports customizing overtime levels and setting corresponding work hour rate

  • Supports flexible and quick settings of timetables, shifts, and shift schedule

  • Supports setting multiple timetables in one shift

  • Supports getting detailed attendance data from the managed device, including check-in and check-out, break-in and break-out, overtime-in and overtime-out, etc.

  • Supports customizing contents displayed in reports and sending reports to specified email address according to schedule

  • Supports multiple types of reports according to different needs

  • Supports sending the original attendance data to a third-party database (Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 and above, MySQL V5.0.45 and above) and customizing the data type, and thus the client can access third-party T&A and payment system


Security Control

  • Accessing AX-series security control device

  • Supports adding zone as hot spot on E-map and viewing the video of the linked camera

  • Supports radar configuration, including drawing zones, drawing trigger line, setting master-slave tracking, setting parking points for linked camera, setting map calibration



  • Supports data statistics of heat analysis, people counting, counting, road traffic, face retrieval, license plate retrieval, behavior analysis, face capture, queuing-up time analysis, queue status analysis and intersection analysis

  • Supports people counting by facial features and displaying the duplicated persons

  • Supports showing large picture of face retrieval, license plate retrieval, and behavior analysis and the pictures can be exported for local storage

  • Supports data retrieval for faces, human bodies, vehicles, behavior analysis related pictures and videos, persons who do not wear hard hats, and facial recognition check-in

  • Supports searching facial recognition check-in records

  • Supports searching frequently appeared persons and rarely appeared persons

  • Supports AI dashboard retrieval function to search result for imported picture analysis task




  • Supports adding encoding devices, Cloud P2P devices and stream media servers

  • Supports adding devices by IP address, domain name, HiDDNS, IP Segment and ISUP account, and supports importing devices in batch

  • Supports enabling transmission encryption using TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol when adding a device

  • Supports searching the active online devices

  • Supports NTP protocol for time synchronization from the client to the added devices

  • Supports checking device's online users

  • Supports two-way audio and broadcast function

  • Supports applying the client in local area network and wide area network


PTZ Control


  • Supports remote PTZ control, preset, patrol, and pattern settings

  • Supports displaying analog speed dome's local menu via PTZ control panel

  • Supports PTZ control of one-touch patrol and one-touch park

  • Supports lens de-icing heater and PT de-icing

  • Supports arming and tracking target (human or vehicle)



  • Supports transmission encryption when logging in the SDK over TLS mode

  • Supports upgrading client and device firmware after detecting new versions

  • Supports importing and exporting configuration file

  • Supports auto backing database up according to the configured schedule

  • Supports log search and backup

  • Supports adding facial recognition devices such as DeepinView and DeepinMind

  • Supports remote configuration for added devices

  • Supports adding online devices registered to Cloud P2P after logging into Cloud P2P

  • Supports creating a password to activate device. For device which supports Cloud P2P, supports enabling Cloud P2P service when activating it

  • Supports resetting device password

  • Supports setting email when activating devices, and resetting the password of devices by the email

  • Supports hardware decoding for live view and playback

  • Supports downloading video files to PC in MP4 and AVI format

  • Supports user permission management

  • Supports E-map functions, including adding, deleting, editing and viewing e-map, zooming in/out and moving the e-map

  • Provides topology management module to monitor network health status of connected devices

  • Provides configuration wizards for access control and time and attendance, which helps users to quick start

  • Supports importing the events of the access control devices to the client in CSV format (encrypted)

  • Supports configuring display formats of date and time of the client