Password Reset Instructions

To reset the credentials on your unit, please see the steps below.


Download and install the SADP Tool for PC/MAC.  (If not already installed on your system, make sure WinPcap installs as part of the SADP Tool installation) Make sure the unit and the computer running SADP are connected to the same network. Next, run the SADP Tool and select your unit…


If you receive a dialogue asking for a Secure Code, please submit your full device Serial Number and Start Time as reflected in SADP to


Click the [Forgot Password] link in the lower right corner of the ‘Modify Network Parameters’ dialog


Click the [Export] button, select the Folder into which to export the file.


Locate and email the exported file to


When you receive the 'Import File', browse to and select it.  You will then be able to enter/confirm your new password.


NOTE: If your system was originally set for "Plug and Play", you're going to want to tick off the box that reads: "Reset Network Camera Passwords", that will ensure the cameras stay connected to the recorder.


NOTE:  Do not power-off the unit during this process. For best results, if you can even leave the export dialog open until you receive the reset file, this would be optimal.