NueCam Core Technologies

Innovations for a Smart and Secure World


With ever-changing light conditions to overcome, wide areas to cover, a thousand details to capture, bills to pay – you need advanced surveillance technologies, right now, that protect your perimeter and keep your business running smarter, day and night.

At NueCam, we know what it means to always feel the urgency of security for your loved ones, for partners and clients, or for your business. With those concerns in mind, we continually research and develop leading technologies to roll out state-of-the-art products for you.



Deep Learning

Makes security systems intelligent with deep learning based technologies.


High Definition and Stable Imaging

Solve limited resolution and stuttered video problems with our 4K and smooth streaming technologies


Open Space Monitoring

Cover a wide area with just one camera by using our Seamless Image Stitching technology and PTZ cameras.

storage and bandwith.jpg

Storage and Bandwidth

Solve your bandwidth and storage issues with H.265+ and Direct Streaming technologies.


Low Light Imaging

See colorful footage with NueCam ColorVu and DarkFighter technologies

Thermal product Banner.jpg

Thermal Imaging

Make the invisible thermal radiation "visible" in the form of heat zone images with thermal imaging technologies.

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Ease of Installation

Save you time and money on unnecessary cable installation by using only one cable.

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Video Security as a Service

Hosting video-based security systems in the cloud.