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NueCam AcuSense Technology

Focus and Act – Responding to Human and Vehicle Events


Compared to conventional sensor-based alarm systems, a surveillance system that utilizes cameras has several advantages: the ability to watch events in real-time, obtaining key data around those events, and providing solid and accurate evidence for law enforcement.

By adding a touch of intelligence to NueCam’s popular cameras and video recorders, AcuSense technology makes these products your perfect choices for an accessible and intelligent security system!

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Deep Learning Algorithm

The Magic Behind It All

As its name implies, NueCam AcuSense Technology provides accurate sensing in security hardware. Empowered by deep learning algorithms, AcuSense technology distinguishes people and vehicles from other moving targets.

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Human and Vehicle Intrusion

Spotlights the Events that Matter

The most common concerns in perimeter protection are trespassing and vehicle break-ins. AcuSense helps you to focus on these events in two ways: alarm will only trigger when the preset intrusion type takes place, and related videos are sorted by categories for easier search.





Accurate Alarm for Human and Vehicle


You can focus on alarms triggered by humans and vehicles while false alarms triggered by small animals or other irrelevant objects are vastly reduced. Now you can enjoy this intelligent function with VCA or motion detection.




Visual and Auditory Warning


On-site response and deterrence methods using visual and customizable auditory warnings to add another layer of protection. Two-way audio function is now also available.




Search Targets Quickly by Type


Video clips are sorted by human and vehicle categories, and object classification vastly improves search efficiency.